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We often try to cope on our own

Especially with our biggest struggles. Why?
Maybe "I don't want to be a burden"
"They won't understand"
"I can't find the right words"

A safe and confidential space

Arranging to see a therapist might feel daunting at first. But therapy is a confidential, safe and reliable space with someone who is listening sensitively, without judgement or expectation. Through the process of exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we gain insight and awareness, and find new options for the future.

How I work

In a first exploratory session, we talk about what has brought you to therapy and what you're hoping to achieve. You may know what you want to work on, but equally you may have a more unspecific sense of something being ‘not right’.

The initial session is also a chance to check out the ‘chemistry’. This is important because the relationship between you and your psychotherapist is such an big factor in whether the therapy is successful. If we agree that working together feels OK, then we can go ahead and make a plan. But if either of us believes that a different route or person is needed, I will do my best to refer you on to someone suitable.

I often share some of the tools for which Transactional Analysis (TA) is famous, e.g. ego states, transactions, games and script. If you're interested in finding out more, take a look at this article on the Counselling Directory.

In longer-term psychotherapy work, specific tools and approaches play a supporting role, but the most important thing is a relationship of trust and acceptance. This is vital – together we create a safe space in which to explore whatever you are dealing with. Because each relationship that emerges is unique, each psychotherapy is unique. However I would describe myself as an integrative, humanistic and relational therapist.


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